The cablecheck unit makes it possible to find contaminations or protrusions and to examine them in a detailed manner.

Bilfinger have developed a unique product, Bilfinger Cablecheck, used for quality control and troubleshooting in production of power cables. Bilfinger Cablecheck facilitates the analysis of your product and enable you to find defects. With the Cablecheck you can mark findings for further detailed analyse. Using Leica M80 stereomicroscope, you can analyse the defects in detail and document them in order to facilitate the root cause.

Bilfinger Cablecheck's advanced software makes it possible to detect defects down to 25 µm in size. The quality of the analysis tool is unmatched in the market today. You will be able to quality assure your product by visualizing any deviations in your production and then make necessary corrections.  

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