Bilfinger Nordics is a leading supplier of planning and execution of maintenance in large and small companies. Together with customers, we develop systems and procedures that provide optimal security and uptime.

As a full-range supplier, Bilfinger Nordics can contribute with development, fabrication, assembly and service. We place great emphasis on quality, cost efficiency and HSE.

The various professional units work closely together for the best possible utilization of personnel, equipment, and locations.



Bilfinger Nordics’ strength is our wide range of expertise and disciplines such as:

  • Maintenance techniques and systems
  • Maintenance analysis
  • Rotating machinery
  • Mechanical
  • Electro – high voltage, low voltage, tele/data
  • Automation
  • Process analysis
  • Calibration
  • HVAC
  • Rigging and lifting
  • Valve


Customer improvements

Bilfinger Nordics’ diversity and versatile experience are used through active improvement work with customers. We are keen to look for and report on opportunities for improvement in the customers’ facilities, and to be a profitable partner.

One of our core strengths is to properly understand our customers´specific needs and provide tailor-made industrial maintenance solutions

Heiner Kruse - Senior Engineer at Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance Nordics AS


Added value for our customers:

  • All services from a single source
  • Individual organization and prioritization of maintenance work
  • Securing and optimizing plant productivity
  • Increased service life of the equipment
  • Avoiding of unplanned production downtime
  • Improving energy efficiency



As an industrial service provider with decades of experience, Bilfinger is your partner for the maintenance of process plants. Our maintenance experts ensure your plants run smoothly, avoid unplanned plant shutdowns and perform turnarounds involving thousands of work steps safely and on time.

As the market leader in many European countries, we deliver all services for our customers from a single source: from planning to coordination and execution of all maintenance work to the use of digital solutions in the maintenance of industrial plants. We have put together our knowledge and experience as a maintenance partner for our customers in the Bilfinger Maintenance Concept (BMC).



As a leading industrial services provider, Bilfinger is the logical choice as maintenance partner for many well-known companies. To ensure that all customers can benefit equally from our services, we have brought together and carefully structured the comprehensive expertise we have gained over the course of several decades.

The result is a concept that is unique in the industry: the Bilfinger Maintenance Concept (BMC). This comprehensive approach is divided into 16 modules and is based on the experience and knowledge from more than 400 maintenance analyses as well as over 100 current partnership agreements. The concept is precisely tailored to the individual demands of the customer and follows two distinct objectives: Increasing the reliability of plants while simultaneously optimizing maintenance costs. Over a period of five years, the potential for cost reductions is as high as 40 percent while plant productivity can be increased by up to 10 percent under certain conditions.



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