Insulation, Scaffolding, Painting (ISP) & Rope Access



Bilfinger Nordics has many years of experience within insulation services and our teams of qualified insulators deliver insulation projects both onshore and offshore. Efficient and robust insulation solutions will contribute to higher energy utilization and improved integrity and efficiencies of process plants in operation. Bilfinger Nordics solutions also contribute to reduce CUI exposure.



With extensive experience from offshore installation and major construction projects, Bilfinger Nordics has gained unique competencies within planning and building of various types of access solutions. We deliver skilled resources within scaffolding. Bilfinger Nordics target is to optimize access for safe and efficient execution of activities and work operations.



Bilfinger Nordics have extensive and versatile expertise for interior and industrial painting in a number of disciplines such as:

  • Blast cleaning with sand
  • Industrial painting
  • Interior paint
  • Upholstery/flooring

Rope Access

Rope access is fast becoming the safest, most cost-efficient and effective method to gain access to inaccessible areas.

Working with rope access allows our multi-skilled personnel to perform a multitude of specialist services both at height and in depth, above water and at an industrial plant. Rope access can be used anywhere to reach an inaccessible place.

Bilfinger Rope Access Department employs over 125 NS 9600 certified Rope Access Technicians, including over 40 Safety Supervisors -  all capable of undertaking a variety of assignments both onshore and offshore.

Typical service areas are:

  • Rigging
  • Electrical Work
  • Mechanical Work
  • Inspection
  • Surface Treatment
  • Welding
  • Insulation

Where We Work
Bilfinger operates in various locations offshore in the North Sea and onshore in the land based industry, maintaining and improving the lifespan of installations and plants.  From high to low, our roles include spray painting at sea level to repairing the flare at the highest point above the sea.

An important growth area for Bilfinger Nordics
We aim to develop the skills of our individual technicians, grow our number of climbers and increase the variety of jobs and projects we undertake across all areas of our business. We see the possibilities as unlimited. Curious to learn more? Visit our job portal and join Team Bilfinger today.



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