Heiner Kruse - Project Manager, Bilfinger in Porsgrunn

Project manager Heiner Kruse is dedicated to his job. Since he completed his education in 2009 with a master's degree in industrial economics, he has enjoyed building teams in a way that makes the customer satisfied and the team-members engaged in each other.

He has often worked with investment projects in land-based industry regarding both the study of it and in performing. He has also been a long-term consultant for several of Bilfinger Nordic's customers. In recent years, Heiner has worked a lot with project management and overseen keeping track of plans and costs, which the project manager is committed to and responsible for.  

- To me it was natural to become a project manager after years with relevant experience, says Heiner Kruse.
In recent years he has been project manager for major turnarounds for various customers.

Heiner believes that some qualities is more necessary than others when it comes to making decisions.

- I think it is important not being afraid to make decisions under uncertain circumstances. I also think it is important not to be afraid to make mistakes. In general, there are lots of high-speed projects, and a good decision early is often better than a perfect decision that comes too late.

As a project manager at Bilfinger Nordics, you could work along the entire life cycle of an industrial plant: right from the idea phase, engineering, construction, commissioning, and maintenance.

- Being part of "the whole journey" and not just seeing parts of it, is something I like very much, Kruse says.

He thinks it is important to create a common goal image and ensure that everyone goes in the same direction. Heiner especially finds it inspiring when constantly meeting new, exciting people.

- When gathering project participants together into a well-functioning and close team, where everyone trusts each other, is one of the best things by being a project manager, and my main task. These two things are especially important to me.

The only thing that is a bit of a shame, is that everyone goes separate ways when the task is completed, and the project is finished… and this always happens when we`re at our best! he says and smiles.

But then a new journey begins, in the next project. And Heiner is ready for new challenges.