Facilitates a greener and more sustainable industry


The head of "Engineering & Projects" at Bilfinger Nordics, Jon Aasen, has extensive tasks to manage. He has made sure to deliver and lead projects of all sizes to customers. With emphasis on quality, delivery on time and a competitive price, the department of engineering and projects, lead by Aasen, have proven to be competitive and has a strong position with the major industrial customers.
During 2021, 34 new employees with workplaces in Sweden and Norway were hired in Aasens unit. Now the influx of new employees will only increase.

Aims at 60 in 2022
The unit has an interdisciplinary engineering environment that manages projects from idea to completion. Studies, pilot plants, modifications or major investment projects are handled, all in all quite diverse tasks.

The year is off to a good start for Jon Aasen and his team, and so far this year, nine new people have been hired in the project department in Norway, five in Sweden. During the current year, he hopes to be able to employ up to 60 new people, both new graduates and younger engineers, as well as seniors in subjects and project management.

  • We are striving in a tough recruitment market, but with our strategy and ambitions we have faith in attracting good people, Aasen says.

He expects that lots of the new projects will come within what can be related to the green shift. Hydrogen, Battery, Carbon capture and Electrification, are all areas where Bilfinger Nordics will contribute a lot in the years to come.

- We consider it an important task to help our customers reach their goals for the lowest possible climate footprint. In this work we play an important role. We have broad knowledge of what kind of technology will make companies greener, says Aasen.

The experienced manager has had various roles since he started in the project division of Norsk Hydro in 1995. In 2008, the Engineering and maintenance part of the company was sold to Bilfinger. For the past 13 years, he has led Bilfingers project environment in Norway and since April last year, the Nordic unit, which today numbers close to 140 people.

Wide range and an exciting journey
Bilfinger Nordics' strategy, "Engineering and Projects" will grow significantly towards 2026 - especially towards interdisciplinary projects and manufacturing assignments within the green shift.

- What projects can we be expecting?

- We are looking at projects of many different types, from projects we manage on behalf of customers (EPCM / Owners Engineering) to fixed prices and manufacturing assignments.

- Can one say that Bilfinger is an enabler in the green shift - towards other companies?
- It would be more correct to say that Bilfinger Nordics is a facilitator for our customers to achieve their sustainability goals, says Aasen.

Growth ambitions locally and centrally
"Engineering & Projects" currently has its departments in Norway and Sweden and will eventually also establish services in Finland.

- We help our customers to bring their ideas to a completed facility in a professional way. We are close to our industrial customers and have over several years acquired a lot of knowledge about their facilities. We see this as a great advantage when new projects come, both in the relationship with the customer and the knowledge of existing infrastructure, says Aasen.

- The opportunities that exist when you are employed by Bilfinger Nordics are significant. You participate in everything from small modifications to large interdisciplinary projects. From early phase to optimization of facilities in operation. One day you can work on a project in petrochemicals and the next day a manufacturing assignment in battery production. That is what makes our everyday life exciting, says Aasen.