Bilfinger deliver services to all of Sweden's refineries and nuclear power plants


Large, process-intensive industries with extensive requirements are something Bilfinger Nordics is increasingly handling. In Sweden, there are a total of five refineries and three nuclear power plants and Bilfinger has a framework agreement with all of them.

Since the 1980s and 90s, Bilfinger has had a framework agreement with customers in the category of refineries and nuclear power plants. The agreements currently extend from Forsmark in the north, to Oskarshamn in the south, Ringhals, Lysekil and Gothenburg in the west - to Nynäshamn in the east.

In Sweden, there are a total of five refineries and Bilfinger has framework agreements with all of them and performs a wide range of services, e.g.  projects, turn-around, insulation, scaffolding, engineering, piping and maintenance.

- Due to its complex facilities, our customers have high requirements and expectations of us as a supplier. In addition, the long-term perspective that Bilfinger can offer is an important reason why we are a chosen as a partner, believe Mikael Niklasson, Director Business Development.

Bilfinger Nordic is also present at Nuclear Power as a supplier and with framework agreements for all of the three active nuclear power plants in Sweden.

On an annual basis, around 50 of Bilfinger's employees are out at the customer plants. While during turnarounds and projects, there are far more, often around three times as much.

High competence and skilled workers
One of our key persons at one recent contract, is Toni Eljert. With his 44 years in the company, he is a specialist in our insulation product.

- That our long-term agreements are renewed, I sees as an acknowledgement of that we do a good job on the sites and that our customers are satisfied with Bilfinger. We work in a safe way and we have the capability to handle both small and large upcoming needs, he says.