Bilfinger bundles its activities in the Nordics and changes name to Bilfinger Nordics


The German group Bilfinger SE is firmly established as a large industrial services provider to the process industry in the Nordics. The company delivers multidiscipline maintenance services and projects to large industrial players in Norway, Sweden and Finland, both onshore and offshore.

Up to now, Bilfinger has operated as independent entities in each country. By bringing our 3,500 employees closer together in one Nordic operational model, we will strengthen execution capacity and realization of larger projects and tasks for our customers. The company will trade under the Bilfinger Nordics brand and is in the process of changing the company names of all entities in the Nordic countries. 

“The industry is changing and significant activity is building up to reduce the carbon footprint from existing production plants and establishing new and sustainable energy solutions for the future. Bilfinger is a key partner for the process industry and we are aiming at building and integrating the solutions necessary to support our customers in the energy transition“, says Tove Tyberø, Executive President for Bilfinger Nordics.

In our new organization, maintenance and ISP services (insulation, scaffolding and painting) will continue to be core business going forward. The engineering and project capacity will be strengthened by joining forces in the Nordics. With our ~ 30,000 employees worldwide, Bilfinger is able to solve complex challenges for the process industry. Bilfinger Nordics has already secured important orders related to the green industry, i.e. within battery production and hydrogen.

“With a broader competence base, in-depth knowledge of our customers’ process facilities and innovative digital solutions, Bilfinger Nordics is well equipped to meet the challenges related to the green transition. We believe that our integrated, one team approach contributes to increased value creation in a wider sense”, Tove Tyberø adds.