Practical digitalization with “data robots”


At the moment Bilfinger in the Nordics has 30 “data robots” continuously working on automation of repetitive tasks. With our cloud based improvement platform BCAP, we are now in a better position to utilize RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to optimize our administration work.

The number of robots working is dynamic and growing.  

- This means that many employees have more time for exciting tasks and that we save a lot of paper, says Tor Minsaas. He is responsible for innovation and digitalization in Bilfinger Nordics. Within a few hours to a few weeks, Minsaas can "make" a new robot, that is, a digital system that he "teaches" to do the same task as an individual.

For Signe Anita Amundsen and Hans-Petter Karlsen the robot has changed everyday life for the better. A new solution where a robot processes, generates, and sends outgoing invoices automatically has been launched for Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance Nordics. This applies to customers who can receive invoices either via EHF or PDF format.

For Amundsen 150 hours on an annual basis can now be used on tasks of higher value. That time is now spent on more value-adding work, including assisting the operating organization with training and follow-up, which in turn provides more knowledge and higher efficiency. The solution was developed in less than 50 hours.

Signe Anita Amundsen and Hans-Petter Karlsen - happy to save a lot of paper

Uses robots to improve financial results

- Using RPA (Robotic Process Automation) can release time to work on more interesting tasks, and help improve our financial results, says Christof Springer, CFO in Bilfinger Nordics.

New times

A work-process has now started in Porsgrunn where they aim to seek for potential in the "End to end" process, from the preparation of the order until the actual invoice is paid by the customer. Colleagues from operations, IT and accounting are involved in the process.

- We hope that this will be a successful project, and that the solutions also can be implemented in other departments at Bilfinger Nordics, says Karlsen. Based on the experience we have and the analyses we carry out; we are convinced that there is great potential.