Sustainability at Bilfinger

Sustainability is a key component of our corporate strategy. With our services, we make a significant contribution to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals. We increase the efficiency of plants, reduce emissions and enhance efficiency in the process industry.

We have been reporting on our sustainability activities on an annual basis since 2011. In addition, we issue a declaration of compliance with the German Sustainability Code every year and prepare a progress report as part of our membership in the UN Global Compact. You can find the reports here. 

Bilfinger Nordics ESG strategy and framework defines our ambitions, and commits us to contribute to decrease our carbon footprint, strive for a diverse and engaged #TeamBilfinger – and always be driven by our comprehensive and transparent corporate governance. You can read more about how we work with these topics here.


Environment and Planet

Protection of climate and natural resources
With our Mission Statement and our Code of Conduct, we clearly commit to responsibility for society and the environment. Our goal is to be "Net Zero" in GHG Scope 1 and 2 by the end of 2030 at the latest. Read more about our ambitions and actions towards the environment and our planet here.


Social and People

Occupational health and safety are Bilfinger's top priority
The health of our employees is the number one priority for Bilfinger. No employee's health shall be adversely affected by his or her work. You can learn more about our Group principles for HSEQ here.

Employee development and diversity 
As an industrial services provider, our business model is shaped by the availability, skills and value orientation of our employees. Continuous training and qualification of our employees are key in this regard.  

Human rights, labour rights and sustainable supply chain 
We are committed to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Global Compact initiative. We are fully committed to respecting human rights wherever we operate. 

Read more about how we work with topics related to our People here.

Transparency Act

We take our obligations under the NTA very seriously.  For an explanation of our approach to compliance, see our Statement of Principles on Human Rights, available here


A comprehensive and transparent corporate governance ensures the responsible, value-oriented and sustainable management and control of the company. It forms the foundation for sustainable business success and fosters trust among our shareholders, employees, customers and other business partners as well as the financial markets. 

Our Compliance framwork sets the fundamental principles for everything we do - and we never compromise on integrity. Learn more about our corporte governance here. 



For Bilfinger as a service provider, customers are the focus of its business activities. The relationship with our customers and their satisfaction with the work that we do is of utmost importance for our business development. Bilfinger is integrated into their value-added processes as a strategic partner. Learn more about the markets we operate in and how we support our customers with sustainable industrial services.


Annual ARP report

Annual ARP report (Aktivitets- og redegjørelsesplikten) for Bilfinger Nordics AS 2021 can be found here