A leading partner for sustainable industrial services

With more than 100 years of history, Bilfinger Nordics has experienced and learned how to adapt to new business demands through all the phases of the industrial change.  We have the competence and strength to embrace new challenges and opportunities within existing and new businesses.

Our strategical pillars

Bilfinger Nordics has defined three strategical pillars that guide our people and business:

  • Growing together

    • Together as one team in the Nordics – for our customers, partners and people. Together we are better suited than ever to meet the industry challenges and demands. Close operational cooperation, combined with a strong local presence, make us capable of delivering the very best products and services to our customers.
  • Safe and efficient

    • We never compromise on safety and integrity; this is our top priority. Continuous improvement is part of our identity. We drive performance and efficiency improvements to ensure value for our customers.
  • Committed to sustainability

    • Bilfinger Nordics ambition is to reduce co2-emissions and become net zero by 2030. Our roadmap for this work consist, among others, of reducing energy consumptions and replacing fossil fuels by renewable energy.

We will grow together, safe and efficient - committed to sustainability.


Our strengths

Our people: 3600+ highly skilled and motivated employees across the Nordics – they make it work. We care, We can, We create.

A multidiscipline Company: Leading partner for multidisciplinary deliveries – we deliver maintenance, engineering, projects and operational services throughout the entire lifecycle of an industrial facility.

Our history and experience: With over 100 years of history, and as a part of a global group, we have the capabilities to succeed. We have both the means and the skills needed to offer precise, tailored solutions of various scales. In this regard, we rely on the diversity of our skills.   

Growth: Our portfolio is diverse and positioned for growth together with  our existing  and new customers. Our main priority within Energy Transition / “Green Deal” will be  – Hydrogen  - Battery - Industrial Electrification  / Energy efficiency.                  

Environment: Our commitment to our planet, people and customers are clear, and this is what our ESG agenda is built upon.